Protect your family, your home, and it’s value.

For most of us our homes are our biggest investment, and the well-being of our families is priceless. Protect both with the Barrier Dual Drainage Waterproofing System by best Toronto roofers, America’s top choice for keeping moisture out of basements and crawl spaces.

About our Exclusive System

Because of our background as master builders, we understand foundation construction, soil properties, hydrostatic pressure, the water table, and drainage requirements. This knowledge enabled us to develop the cure that works—the Barrier Dual Drainage Waterproofing System.

Our system incorporates a membrane specifically designed for retrofit application along with a drainage system that totally eliminates hydrostatic pressure and handles water table issues. Chemists and engineers developed our exclusive products, and the system has undergone many years of field testing.

Our system is not available at the local building supply company and it cannot be purchased or installed by anyone outside of our exclusive dealer network.

Designed for basement or crawl space application, our system is affordable, can generally be installed in 2 to 3 days, solving your leakage problems permanently.

We have seen our share of nightmares caused by water intrusion. It is, however, extremely rewarding when our customers thank us for ending their water problems.