We could be your neighbor.

We are homeowners like you and we share the same problems, including dealing with home repairs. We are also master builders who are proficient in all phases of home design, development, and construction. With this background, we are able to accurately diagnose construction-related problems and recommend the proper solution.

Our experience has shown that when it comes to homes, looks can be deceiving. For example, the homes shown in the photographs below look perfectly fine on the outside, but major problems exist within. These homes are discussed more later.


Moisture and Building Materials Do Not Mix

It is no secret that building materials must be kept dry to preserve their integrity. The best builders get a structure “under roof” quickly to keep the elements out. When building materials become wet, they begin to swell, bow, and separate. If not properly covered, over a period of time, materials begin to decay and are rendered worthless. Subsequently, builder profits are reduced as these materials must be replaced, with the cost coming directly out of the builder’s pocket.

During the course of the early new construction process, the builder will waterproof all below-grade foundation walls on the exterior side to keep water from penetrating the foundation walls where it could attack interior building materials, creating the same process of decay mentioned above. You will never find a builder attempting to waterproof a new structure from the inside simply because it does not work. Furthermore, building codes require that all below-grade new construction foundation walls be waterproofed on the outside.

Exterior Waterproofing Is the Solution that Works
The only way to properly waterproof any home or structure is on the below-grade exterior of the foundation walls.

Over the years, a vast number of exterior waterproofing products and processes have been developed for new construction and used on millions of homes. Regrettably, many have failed, allowing foundation walls to get wet and threaten interior building materials — or even worse, depending on the term of water intrusion. The exclusive Barrier Dual Drainage Waterproofing System was developed to help those who find themselves in this situation.

The Story of Our Neighbor
Many years ago one of our neighbors was experiencing foundation water intrusion problems and came to us, as builders, for a permanent solution. While we understood his problem, we did not have an adequate solution, nor did anyone else. A rainy day would cause our neighbor panic as he wondered about the mess he would face after work.

Owners of existing homes were relegated to settling for the only method available — an interior waterproofing cure, which would not keep foun

dation walls dry. As builders, we could not accept that an existing home could not be properly waterproofed on the outside like a new home, therefore keeping the foundation walls dry, the water out, and ending the problem permanently.

The Rest of the Story
As we mentioned previously, you can never judge a book by its cover. While the above-pictured homes appear perfectly normal from the outside, take a look at what lurks within — wet foundation walls and major damage.

After many years of testing, we have successfully developed an exterior waterproofing system that works. Our system uses products that have been specially formulated and manufactured for the sole purpose of prope

rly waterproofing existing homes and other structures. Our system and these state-of-the-art products are manufactured exclusively for retrofit

waterproofing and installed only by our highly skilled network of waterproofing professionals. Should the above two photographs look far too familiar, you need our help right away.