Structural Decay


Structural Decay – A Very Big Problem

Mother nature has destroyed more than her share of homes. The water seeping through your wet foundation walls and into your basement or crawlspace simply does not mix with building materials.


The foundation wall becomes saturated. Sheathing in floors and walls begin to separate, swell, and decay. Sheetrock begins to soften and deteriorate while insulation begins to mildew and swell.

Left unattended a leaking basement or crawlspace can silently destroy your home.

Health Risks

Not until recently has the public been informed of the new dangers of water seeping into their homes. In addition to irritation, allergic reactions, and the many sicknesses caused by bacteria, there is a new threat — black mold.

“This mold can cause serious breathing difficulties, memory and hearing loss, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, and bleeding in the lungs.” [USA Weekend]

“It is a greenish black mold that can grow on materials with a high cellulose content, such as drywall sheet rock, dropped ceiling tiles, and wood that become chronically moist or water-damaged due to excessive humidity, water leaks, condensation, or flooding.” [NY City Department of Health]

“Used as a biological weapon by the Russians, this neurotoxin is responsible for the deaths of 16 infants in Ohio.”

It is a fact that mold begins growing within 24 to 36 hours of a foundation leak

Homeowners can find out more information about the risks of black mold by talking to their family physician or by researching it online.