Waterproofing Facts

It’s important that you know…

All Waterproofing is not the same!

Chances are, you have visited this site because you have leaking foundation walls in your basement or crawl space area and have tried everything to stop the water from coming in, but have failed.

But deciding exactly what type of system to purchase can be confusing and frustrating. You must take many factors into consideration: interior systems, exterior systems, guarantees, cost, and special deals. Adding to the complexity is the knowledge that your decision will affect your family, your home, its resale value, and ultimately your future. Your choice must be accurate because an uninformed decision could lead to structural decay, health risk, and property devaluation.



Most Typical Interior Systems The Barrier Exterior System
Workers and Mess inside your home All work Outside of your home, No mess inside
Foundation walls remain Wet Foundation walls are Guaranteed Dry
Water enters home and is redirected out No water will enter your home
System could be overwhelmed by flooding System functions properly regardless of conditions